A new disruptive world! / ¡Nuevo mundo disruptivo!

The challenge of exponentiality

We live in a changing world, there is no doubt about it. We slipped continuously between the wear of an applied knowledge and implementation of a new one that, based on previous one or breaking with previous one, constantly forces us to relocate on the new that arises. This feeling of being behind the scenes, almost levitating on a tightrope existential, almost infinite, begins to seem NORMAL. The worst is that the shakes on our feet causing by the instability of the tightrope starts to like. The existence of vacuum generates adrenaline existential to us. And we are lacking in our lives this adrenaline. And it is  worth.

It is good to be prepared for a changing world. Especially when the change comes prompt and fast. The problem is that the trend of change is not being linear. We do not operate with sums, not even by multiplications. Today, on any day of the century, all is running in exponential terms, e raised to x, x squared and elevated to y. The results are worthless in a straight line, the relationships no longer resemble closed circles. The results are stretches of asymptotic curves, relationships resemble open circles, in its unknown end swallowed by a voracious black hole.

This is the new challenge to wich we submit, the exponentiality. And few people will be able to live in that environment. Digital natives, accustomed with the infinity CLOUD and the multiprocess ones can be better prepared …


© Texto: Rafael Prado Velasco 2013


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