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Allow me: I am a fan of Josef Ajram

Let me apologize for not being able to make a comment again in recent days. I have been somewhat busier than usual. I’m in the process of setting up a new company and I have neglected my commitments to my blog and my followers, which I appreciate, wherever they are, to devote part of their time.

Time is valuable. Nowadays more than ever. No matter working time or leisure time. All of them, every minute, are important and we should care. A few days ago, as I have said in a previous comment, I listened to @ josefajram in his splendid speech on Jan. 17 @ TEDxSevilla that he had managed to divide his time of a day  into three parts equally valuable for him: 8 hours for work, eight hours for sleeping and eight hours for himself!. Really this was a confirmation for me that even that which seems simple ever but at the same time is so difficult for so many -including myself- ,if it is done with conviction and method, eventually becomes a way of ensuring success in that business. Joseph Ajram could sleep properly, working at full capacity for a full suitable and passionate shift and ALSO could devote over a third part of his life to all those other passions that fill him -like extreme sports-.

It’s not easy what he is getting. Having that ability to self-control over one’s life and fully enjoy all areas is a delicate balance of life that only a few succeed. I am an expert in the loss of this balance and I can recognize the wonder of this capacity.

Maybe that some of you are like Joseph, in that case congratulations. But if, like me, you often deviate of this balancing road, DO NOT WORRY. Just do as me: Fall, a thousand times, Yes, no matter. But NEVER fail to get up and return the way to your goal, however far it may seem. More and more I see clearly that our life is the way and not the end of that way. Let’s enjoy it, as Josef does, and let’s forgive the rocks on it.

I have written in my blog, I return to my feet and I hope to continue with renewed vigor. May be next Monday? Let’s try. While you are waiting for it, why not to try a new session about of leadership? I shall incorporate a new entry for it and also I shall incorporate a blog of Josef Ajram in my section “Blogs I follow”. Certainly recommended.

@josefajram: @RedBull Athlete 1xEpic5 + 3xUltraman + 7xIronman +3xMarathon Des Sables+ 4xTitan Desert+ 1xTour Everis(4000km bike). Day trader.


© Texto: Rafael Prado Velasco 2013


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