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Bicycles / Bicicletas


Night has come to Seville. The bicycles are resting, the day has been very hard. Too much people riding on them all over the city. Anyway they are tired but happy because each day they meet many persons from all the world. Good night and see you tomorrow, good bicycles! /

La noche ha llegado a Sevilla. Las bicicletas están descansando, el día ha sido muy duro.Demasiadas personas viajando en ellos por toda la ciudad. De todos modos están cansados ​​pero felices, porque cada día conocen a muchas personas de todo el mundo. Buenas noches y hasta mañana, ¡buenas bicicletas! /


© Texto y Fotos: Rafael Prado Velasco 2014

4 comentarios

  1. Heartafire

    It seems people are riding bikes all over the world (except here) for commuting and sight-seeing. That is wonderful for the air we breathe. There is a lot of biking in the streets of Key West and, believe it or not, rickshaws are also an option there. This is a lovely picture, reds and gold’s so vividly captured.

    febrero 6, 2014 en 10:16 pm

    • Rickshaws in Miami?! Unbelievable. Well, I know there are many sportsmen there, so why not? In a first moment one may think on chinese’s old rickshaws and how the people who worked with them were considered like lower workers. But yes, those were other times. I suppose that nowdays it’s a good form to job if everyone who use it consider with respect to the worker.

      Thanks for your kind words about my photo.
      Cheers, Holly

      febrero 7, 2014 en 1:11 pm

  2. Amy

    I like this image! Biking is a great way to travel.

    febrero 7, 2014 en 3:53 pm

    • Yes,indeed. Easy to go and without contamination!


      febrero 7, 2014 en 6:23 pm

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