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The Monastery of El Escorial / El Monasterio de El Escorial


Here it is. Awe, austere, serene. Architectural plan ahead of its time, where King Philip II walked and increased his faith, where he learned through the many rare books he kept in the Royal Library, incunabula of his time and persecuted by the Inquisition, except for him, that had free access to them.The knowledge was power. And the protection of the Christian faith his way. /

Aqui está. Imponente, austero, sereno. Planta arquitectónica adelantada a su tiempo, por donde el rey Felipe II paseaba y acrecentaba su fé, donde aprendía a través de los múltiples y raros libros que guardaba en su Biblioteca Real, incunables de su tiempo y perseguidos por la Inquisición, salvo para él, que tenía libre acceso a ellos.El conocimiento era poder. Y la salvaguarda de la fé cristiana su camino. /


© Texto y Fotos: Rafael Prado Velasco 2014

4 comentarios

  1. you have described this perfectly, immense and serene, leaves one feeling a bit insignificant. Beautiful post , Rafael.

    julio 19, 2014 en 3:05 pm

    • Hi, Heart. Sometimes it’s a good thing to feel ourselves insignificant. This is the era of Eros and there are many narcissistic persons who think that they are the center of the Universe. When you see something like this, result of the efforts of many people and the courage of a king, you feel more humble and realize that the most important thing is to offer the best of yourself to others, and to live in community to realize a common goal endure over time. Like this ancient building.

      Cheers, 🙂

      julio 19, 2014 en 3:12 pm

  2. Bello….!

    julio 19, 2014 en 11:38 pm

    • Vero, è uno spettacolo per i sensi. Voi è anche pieno di grande architettura in Italia! 🙂

      julio 20, 2014 en 12:33 pm

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