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Sarah McLachlan – Adia

It’s easy. /

Es fácil. /

9 comentarios

  1. Sarah is amazing. She has the voice of an angel.

    julio 21, 2014 en 9:31 pm

    • Sure. I have discovered her recently and I agree with you, Richard.


      julio 21, 2014 en 9:44 pm

      • You always choose good music, Rafael, and there’s yet another 🙂

        julio 21, 2014 en 9:50 pm

      • Thank you so much, Richard. I hope go on! 😀

        julio 21, 2014 en 9:52 pm

      • 🙂

        julio 21, 2014 en 9:52 pm

  2. Good singer. Her surname is Scottish from the Argyle area.

    julio 21, 2014 en 11:23 pm

    • I’ve never been in UK. And I have to do that travel. I’m sure that for me, like an architect, it would be unforgettable.
      Soon. I hope. 🙂

      julio 22, 2014 en 10:28 am

      • Three separate countries – Scotland, England and Wales. The English hate the Scots but not as much as they hate the Welsh!

        julio 22, 2014 en 11:00 pm

      • Ha ha, Don’t worry! That’s usual between brothers! 😉


        julio 23, 2014 en 12:29 pm

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