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Castle Knights / Caballeros del Castillo


There, behind the battlements, the spirits of the Castle Knights continue to keep its people from an attack of the invader. Even from the grave they still resist! /

Allá, tras las almenas, los espíritus de los Caballeros del Castillo siguen guardando a sus gentes del ataque del invasor. ¡Aún desde la tumba aún resisten!  /


© Texto y Fotos: Rafael Prado Velasco 2014

4 comentarios

  1. fascinating!

    agosto 4, 2014 en 5:00 pm

    • Like if we were in the Middle Age with Knights and Maidens!

      agosto 4, 2014 en 5:32 pm

      • I can imagine the hard work that went into the construction of this fortress…the perfectly aligned stones along the edges, amazing. Thank you!

        agosto 4, 2014 en 5:45 pm

      • Yes, the stonemason master giving orders construction according to the lessons learned from his travels in other cities where buildings like this existed, the stonemasons carving stone by stone to make the mortar was the minimum necessary to lock them, and the end result : an impregnable fortress on a hill.:)

        agosto 4, 2014 en 5:52 pm

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