A new disruptive world! / ¡Nuevo mundo disruptivo!

Hi, I’m Monkie again! / ¡Hola, soy Monkie otra vez!


Hi everyone! I’m Monkie, at night. I’m back to make you enjoy. Do you want a banana? So sweet food! Ah, if they are from Canaries, better! See you my friends!/

¡Hola a todos! Soy Monkie, por la noche. Ya estoy de vuelta para hacer que disfrutéis. ¿Quieres un plátano? ¡Tan dulce comida! ¡Ah, si son de Canarias, mejor! ¡Nos vemos, amigos! /


© Texto y Fotos: Rafael Prado Velasco 2014


6 comentarios

  1. Monkie’s adorable…is that a pampers?

    octubre 12, 2014 en 12:21 am

    • It is a baby pet with pampers. I tried to imagine a beautiful pet and I drew to Monkie, a cool monkey, funny, curious and a little glutton! 🙂

      octubre 12, 2014 en 3:10 pm

      • Have you considered writing a children’s book about Monkie?

        octubre 12, 2014 en 3:34 pm

      • My father is a doctor and a good writer too, and he has won some prizes with his tales for children. He use to ask for me if I can draw the illustrations of his books but I never have time to do it. Perhaps this is a good time to do it conversely. Now I have a good ilustration and he can do a children’s book with it. Perhaps, I will ask him. 🙂 (You know, on the other hand, I like to write too and it would be great if I write something about Monkie! I will think on it!

        octubre 12, 2014 en 7:39 pm

      • Monkie is too cute not to have his own venue! Illustrating is fun too. 🙂

        octubre 12, 2014 en 8:55 pm

      • You’re right. I’ll work on it! 😀

        octubre 12, 2014 en 8:57 pm

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